Mother of Pearl Shell

Mother of Pearl MOP Sea Shell Abalone is a symbol of luxury, Royalty.

We are Udaipur, Rajasthan, India based leading manufacturer and exporter of Mother Of Pearl Inlay Furniture and Mother Of Pearl Chair Inlay Handicrafts like- Abalone Shell Slab. Mother Of Pearl Slabs and Tiles are made of Mother of Pearl engraved on stone, wooden structure with floral designs & many other patterns. Mother Of Pearl Slabs and Tiles can be made in many patters,sizes, backs Palatial Mother of Pearl Tissue Box, For Household, Office & Hotel, Mother of Pearl Basin, Bowels

Mother of pearl is generally opaque to translucent in appearance and is typically white, cream or off-white in color. Some times also comes in gray, silver, yellow, black, blue-green and red varieties. The color of the gemstone depends on the mollusc, with abalone producing the most vivid, lustrous and colorful varieties. Abalone mother of pearl is blue, green and purple in color.

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